A rooster in Rochefort, France, can continue to crow, a French court has decided on Thursday. Owner Corinne Fesseau was sued by her neighbors because they felt that four-year-old Maurice was causing too much noise.

The neighbors, a retired couple who usually live in the city, have a vacation home next to Fesseau's house. They think the rooster can be heard too early and too often.

Le Monde reports on the basis of the defense that the neighbors have not succeeded in proving the nuisance. The court not only rejected the complaint, but also ordered the claimants to pay compensation. According to the French newspaper, this is 1,000 euros.

The case led to a great deal of commotion in France, especially among rural residents. This group believes that city dwellers buy summer houses in the countryside without understanding what rural life means.

"Today, Maurice has won a fight for the whole of France," says Fesseau. In recent months, the woman has received statements of support from around the world. She hopes that the ruling will be an example for others who end up in the same situation.

In Switzerland, a rooster was partially crowded in July after a local resident filed a lawsuit against the owner.


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