The trial against R. Kelly in Chicago will start in April 2020 and will take about three weeks, prosecutors announce today.

The singer is charged with various crimes, including the possession of child pornography, the luring of a minor to sexual acts and the obstruction of justice.

Kelly's lawyers objected to the decision on the grounds that they never have enough time to go through the case completely before that time. The singer is also being charged in New York, in addition to cases that are already ongoing in Illinois and Minnesota. The judge rejected this objection.

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For the time being, the singer will no longer have to wait for the trial in the isolation cell in which he has been staying recently, because he moved to a normal cell last Tuesday. His lawyer announces this.

R. Kelly's lawyer had complained to the judge about solitary confinement. For example, he would hardly have any contact with other people, see daylight, have no access to the media and be excluded from day care. But prosecutors in his case state that Kelly stayed in a closed part of the penitentiary at his own request.

Regarding the various charges against Kelly, he continues to deny.