The number of employees in health care reporting sick and the turnover of new employees in health care has increased further. The absenteeism rose to a record of 5.9 percent in 2018, the turnover amounted to 15.7 percent.

This is evident from the annual Barometer Dutch Healthcare from consultancy firm Ernst & Young. The figures are based on the annual accounts of 674 healthcare organizations.

Professor of labor market Ton Wilthagen speaks in the Nederlands Dagblad of "absolutely worrying figures". He states that the sector has "become ill" and calls sick leave of nearly 6 percent "alarming."

Due to the rapid course and high absenteeism, more freelancers had to be hired, which entailed many extra costs.

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Problems are greatest in care for the disabled and elderly

In particular, care for the disabled, care for the elderly and mental health care - where staff deployment is highest - are hit hardest by rising absenteeism and turnover. In particular, the turnover reached unprecedented heights in 2018 with a peak for mental health care of more than 18 percent. Also, the extra resources that went to care for the elderly have not had a favorable impact on staff turnover and absenteeism, EY notes.

Monday saw the strike of youth care workers in The Hague for the first time in history. They too complain about the rapid progress, the high work pressure and the high absenteeism due to illness.


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