Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is sometimes surprised at the ferocity with which he talks about his high salary. The presenter tells Tuesday in Stars on the Canvas that he has gotten a thick skin from the discussion.

"It's background music I've been living with for a long time," says Van Nieuwkerk in the new series of the interview program, in which he enters into a conversation with Özcan Akyol. "I am surprised at the intensity with which it sometimes accompanies."

The De Wereld Draait Door presenter says that he has received an "elephant skin" through all reports about his salary. "I read it, sometimes it touches me, but I don't sleep one night less."

In an interview with LINDA , Van Nieuwkerk said earlier that he may want to stop presenting his daily talk show next year. To the question of Akyol if he wants to work in an environment where his salary is so questioned, Van Nieuwkerk has no clear answer. "I have not yet drawn any conclusions," he says about his possible future with public broadcasting.

"Don't be shy about my salary"

According to the current regulations of the public broadcaster, presenters who currently earn more than a minister go back to the bar norm when entering into a new contract.

Van Nieuwkerk earned 363,000 euros last year, a lot less than the half a million he received earlier when he was on television more often. If he renews his contract after the summer of 2020, he will go back to 194,000 euros. Some presenters of the public broadcaster who come on television less often earn the same amount.

Van Nieuwkerk says about his salary "never to have been shy". "I earn more than others. In every industry where someone works harder or is more successful, you earn better. That's the most normal thing in the world."