At the request of Carice van Houten and Halina Reijn, some scenes have been rewritten in Red Light , the series that is made by their production company and in which they play the main roles. The actresses have requested that all sex scenes have a less explicit character.

"I wanted to depict those moments from the female perspective," Reijn says in conversation with the AD . "It all has to do with the masculine look that we have all become accustomed to."

That also applies to herself, says Reijn. "A bare female breast does not shock me, but when I suddenly see a penis in a series like Euphoria, I am shocked. I am that conditioned too. I want to discuss that masculine look in our productions."

Instinct recently premiered at the film festival in Locarno, Reijn's directing debut in which Van Houten plays the leading role. Here too there are no explicit scenes. "Carice is covered from head to toe, so to speak. It is not an expression of the new prudishness, but an attempt to undermine the ingrained way of looking."

The recordings of Red Light , about three women who lose themselves and find each other in the world of prostitution and human trafficking, started this early this month. The series, with Van Houten and Reijn as creative producers, can be seen on NPO1 in 2020.