The NPO goes to The Hague to request money for the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest. NPO boss Shula Rijxman announced that at the table in talk show Jinek on Friday night . Rijxman bets on an amount of between 15 and 20 million euros.

The organization of the festival probably costs millions more, even though Sweden once "only" spent 15 million euros as a host.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned in May that the public broadcaster "for the time being" does not have to count on extra money from the government for the festival.

According to Rutte, it is not a "popular idea" to put tax money into the Eurovision Song Contest.

Next year the semi-finals of the event will be on May 12 and 14. The final is on 16 May. On Friday it was announced that the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam, which beat Maastricht.

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