This year's second national heat wave is a fact. The Netherlands is also known to enjoy and sweat on Tuesday during the warm weather, they share on their social media. An overview of the nicest photos.

Nouri, the youngest son of Ali B, celebrates his first birthday on Tuesday. The rapper takes his son to the beach, where the two enjoy life and the sun. Many famous friends of Bouali congratulate him on Nouri's birthday, including Boef, Patrick Kluivert and Najib Amhali.

Tooske Ragas is busy with training for the newest season of Dancing with the Stars , which will return to RTL soon. Today Bibian Mentel visited the dance studio. The former Olympic champion was recently diagnosed with cancer, but nevertheless intends to continue her participation in the dance program. "How wonderful to see you again so radiant, Bibian," writes Ragas.

Wytze de Jager was already put behind the barbecue in the afternoon. Against his expectations, he managed to grill an edible piece of meat this time. "My face when the prime rib is sometimes not as tough as a shoe sole comes from the bbq," writes the radio DJ with a cheerful picture of himself.

As the sparrows fall off the roof, Bettina Holwerda and her husband Jim Bakkum were hoisted in a winter outfit for a shoot. For what reason the famous couple had to be photographed, they do not want to tell. It was very hot. "Now we are melted", writes the musical actress.

Ferry Doedens is not afraid to move a little more intensively in this weather and boarded his bike on Tuesday for a trip through Amsterdam. " Soulful of sunshine ", the actor writes with the photo.