A judo boy who was swayed by the words of Yasuo Inoue in the liver August 26, 8:05

The Judo World Championship opened on the 25th at the Nippon Budokan on the same stage as the Tokyo Olympics. The boy was aiming to gain and gain a gold medal in a class that was expected to be the best in the world to win in the finals between Japanese players, but he was limited to one bronze medal. The hint of rewinding from the 26th is in the words of director Yasuo Inoue.

The Judo World Championship was the lightest class for both men and women on the first day with the same tournament schedule as the Olympics.

The men's 60-kilometer class has played with Naotosu Takafuji, who has won the world championship for the second time, and Tatsuki Nagayama, an undefeated foreign player, over the past two years.

For the two people competing at the Olympics at a high level, the boy ’s coach Yasuo Inoue rated it as “1st and 2nd in the current world”. It was the best in the world.

However, world champion Takafuji was defeated in the quarterfinals and Nagayama was defeated in the semifinals.

Although Nagayama won and won a bronze medal, the gold medal was in the hands of a foreign player.

In response to this result, Inoue coached two people, “I think it was my responsibility not to be able to work together in a peak.”

Actually, Nagayama hurt his left shoulder one month before the tournament, and his condition was about 80%. However, after the game, he recalled, “I think he was defeated by his feelings.”

Takafuji said, “I was n’t good enough,” although he was unfortunate in the fourth round where his opponent hit his head and hurt his nose.

This time, I was able to see from the remarks of the two people how to prepare the condition for the important tournament and how to prepare for the game.

The Olympic Gold Medalist Director Inoue has always explained its importance.

If you don't acquire the true strength of your "heart" and "body" that you can't get a result on the big stage if you don't have the strength to win, no matter how bad or unfavorable it is, you will reach the gold medal It is suggested that there is no.

The first day of the World Championship in the Tokyo Olympic preliminaries was a miscalculated boy.

The players who will participate from the 26th are likely to be hints for rewinding while facing the words of Director Inoue.

While the gold medals are expected to be mass-produced in Judo for home art at the Olympics, two people fighting for the representative of the lightest class, which is no exaggeration to hold the key, will need further inspiration for the next year. .