Still looking for a good film, series or report for Thursday evening?, in collaboration with Veronica Superguide, lists the television tips .

Reality program: Limitless Talent

21.45-22.45 on NPO3

In this new program Filemon Wesselink follows twelve refugees who try to find a job in our country through trial and error.

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Baking competition: The Great British Bake Off

20.35-21.40 on NPO1

First there were twelve bakers, now there are only three left. But only one can be declared the winner of The Great British Bake Off . In the very last signature assignment, bakers have to work with donuts and impeccable decorations are required of them. And on the last day the finalists face a spectacular final challenge: a complex, layered and edible landscape with which they can win the title.

Documentary series: Serial Killer: Devil Unchained

9:00 PM to 11:00 PM by ID

In 2016, Kala Brown is freed from a shipping container in which she has been detained and abused for two months. The container is on the grounds of broker Todd Kohlhepp, who is soon exposed as a ruthless serial killer. And that's just the beginning. A must-see for anyone who loves truecrimedocus such as Making a Murderer .

Reality program: Mr. Frank Visser: How are things now?

21.30-22.35 on SBS6

Viktor Brand goes back to two literally brawling quarrels: the Zeeland families who went for a ditch and Marc who attacked his neighbors because of noise.

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Film: Midnight in Paris

21.15-22.45 on Canvas

Gil is an aspiring writer who, with his fiancé Inez and her parents, visits the city of love, Paris. Unlike wealthy Inez, who sees nothing in an uncertain artistic life, Gil immediately falls for the artistic charm of the city of light immediately after arrival. When, during a nocturnal walk, he is carried along in a very special way in the bustling history of the city, this is a reason for Gil to take a closer look at his current situation: is life there really that much better now, or does that seem but so?

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