Along with trustworthy leaders Onshore short distance Sae Shigemoto August 20, 13:05

Saki Shigemoto, a 400m track and field girl aiming to win two consecutive medals at the Tokyo Paralympic Games next year. We will challenge the big stage again with the words of the leaders we trust.

Sae Shigemoto, 24 years old.
We are aiming to become a representative of the Tokyo Paralympic Games at the Para Para World Championship in November.

There is no tip of the right elbow since I was born. Still, when I was in elementary school, I played in handball and participated in national competitions in high school. After entering Nippon Sport Science University, he switched to Para athletics and participated in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games in just one and a half years.

And won a bronze medal at 400 meters of girls.
“The result of having many people say that they can be safe even when it ’s bad,” he said.

The university director Yoko Mizuno supported Shigemoto on the stage in Rio.

First Paralympic Games.
When I was worried about what to do if I failed, Director Mizuno's words resonated.

“If you ca n’t, practice again.”

Shigemoto looks back on his fears that he may have escaped from the race. I was able to grab a bronze medal by switching the feeling that “Maybe you can practice it again” in the words of Director Mizuno.

Next year's Tokyo Paralympic Games as a medalist.
While expectations of the surroundings increased, Shigemoto was in a bad condition due to injury.

The international tournament in May marked a silver medal by marking a time of 58:96, a record of his own record at 400 meters. However, the Japan Championship in June will be more than 1 second behind the record.

Shigemoto, who was “afraid of failure” without knowing it.

What came to my mind was the advice I received from Director Mizuno when I was suffering.
“The way you live is more important than how you can see it from the surroundings.”

Shigemoto who came to think that "believing in yourself is important" even when you can't get results.

“I realized that failure was not a bad thing. I didn't have to be able to do it, so I felt it was really important to keep doing it,” he said.

“I want to build one day a day without regrets towards 2020,” says Shigemoto. Aiming for a big stage with a trusted director and two people tripod.