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Greta Thunberg: The Good


She speaks, she sails, she polarises. One year after the start of the school strikes, the public can not leave Greta Thunberg. Why?

Actually, it is amazing that it has not stayed at this one moment of Glory . When Greta Thunberg said " I want you to panic " at the World Economic Forum in Davos and a video about it went to the Western world, everything had already been said. The fact that she has been traveling around the planet ever since and that she keeps making similar box-like speeches is not worth mentioning. Actually. We will come to the transport later.

The debate is polarized: Some say that the Greta phenomenon is an artificial hype, invented by vindictive parents, pegged by cocoons of self-interest, and promoted by journalists with green biases of ideological solidarity. No, others say that Greta is an issue because her message is important and she makes her listen to her.

Of course, both are isolated, nonsense. If valid parents could create a global phenomenon, it would have worked with Sophia Thomalla as well. And if it was all about important messages in strong sentences, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber would be a world star long ago. Greta is also media-compatible only for the one moment of astonishment at how much gravitational a schoolgirl can have. Respectively, for the brief period in which this observation is pathologized by reference to its Asperger autism.

What, then, makes sure that the wear and tear effects normally observed in environmental protection icons are hardly used one year after the beginning of Skolstrejk för klimatet in Greta? Why is it not only the topic that remains virulent due to the ever-new-looking weather phenomena, but also the figure?

None of this is misleading

First, Greta is not an icon. It is not a devotional image given to religious worship, it is also no emaciated polar bear, but, on the contrary, it is alive and well. This ensures not least that the story of her person can be intensified until today. In this context, the current natural-high-symbolic ship passage marks the culmination of something that, even in the sense of the Greta skeptics, can certainly be called staging. But all discussion about it does not change the fact that this staging for the advocates of one does not mean that Greta itself becomes a fake.

Instead, in the past few months, for example, Christian Thunberg was read as JesusChrist, because it combines her expectations of salvation, or as KasparHauser, because her pathological otherness demonstrates how much social action lags behind the collective consciousness of consciousness. Furthermore, she is young and uncompromising as Jeanned'Arc and thus so connected for the idealistic youth. And it seems - as no one has yet come, according to Google - as invulnerable as Prometheus. Like the Titan on the mountain regrowing the eagle bites, so too Greta survived without scars the bites of those who want to prove their error, starting with a plastic-packed toast in January, temporarily ending in their then somewhat more climate-intensive cruise ship.

Nothing is fundamentally misleading, everything leads to further questions: Why does someone arouse salvation expectations, which offers only uncomfortable solutions? What might the new level of consciousness Greta is raising us to be ? Where does one end today with the uncompromising nature of St. Joan? Why the hell can Greta not be done by proving her mistake in thinking, or in action, which should relate to her thinking?

The last question is the easiest to answer: Greta profits as an activist with the goal of attracting attention to a problem, certainly from the attention-economy of social media. The basic requirement for this is, paradoxically, that it does not serve the otherwise usual bizarre. Since she has claimed to know a simple way, all the objections that relate to her personal way of life slip away from her. And who with the reference to Gretas Do andLassen wants to expose the excitement about them as a storm in a glass of water, ensures that the glass spills over. At this moment, the Greta fans - which in turn drives those insane who are tired of them - can legitimately question: Who are you that you see the urgency of climate protection discredited, because you've proven a 16-year-old (!) A "mistake"?

At the end of the discussion is then the (lack of) climate protection itself in the center of the discussion, while this also by the help of those who do not want to swell, as in the Germany of the decade otherwise only the refugee and migration debate. The phenomenon Greta brings in this way a lot of satisfaction for all those who in the past few years have become increasingly helplessly exposed to right-wing populist truth-bending. This may also correspond to a salvation expectation: To whom would an unexpected turn of the world for the better be daring, if not for a 16-year-old who has made a turn of the discourse within a year? True to the motto: I do not know how, but WerMarkus Söder from the protofascist of the Bavarian State Election Campaign 2018 makes the FreeTree Hugger of the year 2019, can do the same with Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro!

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