David Bowie, who died of cancer in 2016, had difficulty accepting that he was ill at the time, according to director Ivo ten Hove. He says that in an interview in Het Parool .

"Bowie was very fond of secrecy. Before I could work with him, I had to sign a contract in which I promised not to let anything go to the outside world about our cooperation," said Ten Hove.

The Flemish, renowned theater maker only heard what Bowie was wrong about later and was not allowed to talk to anyone else about it: "I did look him in the eye, and in that I saw sadness, fear and rebellion. No, I don't feel like he is very easily resigned to his illness, but that seems to me to be a normal, human attitude in that situation. "

"I think it's scary to be directed by Ivo"

Ten Hove worked with Bowie and Enda Walsh on the musical Lazarus , which can be seen in the Netherlands from early October after screenings in London and New York.

The main roles are reserved for Gijs Naber and Noortje Herlaar, among others. For the latter, her cooperation in the musical represents a milestone.

"I just went to Mamma Mia with my twelve-year-old stepdaughter and I don't know if I would like to expose her to the fierceness of Lazarus. I could not have played this role ten years ago either. That innocence of then is now disappeared. I find it both cool and scary to be directed by Ivo. "

According to Ten Hove, that fear is unfounded: "For Lazarus we were looking for singers who can act well and actors who can sing well. Then you end up with Noortje. And her stepdaughter is very welcome. Despite the darkness in Lazarus , the final song Heroes is responsible for a happy ending. There is hope, we give each other something, and all ordinary people are heroes. "

Lazarus can be seen for six months from 3 October in the DeLaMar theater in Amsterdam.