Martijn Fischer says he was so scared to take on the role of André Hazes in the musical. He believes in me that he deliberately tried to stop the casting. The actor says this in an interview with JAN .

"Fame, recognition, doors that open: not that I aspired that way, but still". tells 51-year-old Fischer. "Oh man, I was scared to death. I even tried not to call back, to make it bleed to death. But the casting director was persistent."

The doubt was not immediately gone when the actor was actually chosen for the role of Hazes. Fischer says that he had to get used to a spot in the spotlight. "I remember that I was invited to sit down at a late night show to promote He believes in me and that the PR department thought it would be a good idea if I were to appear there as André. With Hazes jacket and - hat and all. When I think of that, the shame comes over me; it seemed so embarrassing to me. "

The actor tells how he fought a "small fight" with musical producer Joop van den Ende. "It didn't feel right to sit there dressed up. Eventually he said," Great boy, just relax, do it your way. "

It was recently announced that He believes I will return to the theaters in 2020. Whether Fischer has been approached again for this is as yet unknown. is awaiting a response.

The leading role in He believes in me meant for Fischer a breakthrough with the general public. He won a Musical Award with it and later received a Golden Calf when he played the same role again in the successful cinema film of the same name. The actor also appeared in, among other things, comedies Onze Jongens en Mannen van Mars . In 2016 he played the role of Jesus in The Passion .