Los Angeles Opera has decided to investigate the allegations against singer Plácido Domingo. He is accused of sexual harassment by various women in the opera world. A spokesperson for the opera company calls the allegations "worrying," CBS reports.

"We want to do everything we can to create a professional and collaborative environment in which all our employees feel comfortable, valued and respected", can be read in the LA Opera response.

Philadelphia Orchestra Symphony Orchestra is the first company that has decided to stop working with Domingo. The opera singer would perform during a concert on September 18, but that invitation has been withdrawn. In a statement, the orchestra announced that it wanted to offer employees a "safe and respectful environment".

Domingo denies allegations of sexual harassment

AP news agency reported on Tuesday morning that several women claim to have been put under pressure for years by the world-famous tenor and opera singer.

Most of the women interviewed were in the profession at the start of their careers when they were approached by Domingo. He put pressure on the victims to perform sexual acts with them and would have threatened to break their careers if they said no. For example, several victims say they no longer have roles after they refused.

The Spaniard denies the allegations in a statement. He states that all his sexual contacts were by mutual agreement, although he adds that men's behavior in this area is now viewed differently. "It has never been my intention to make women feel uncomfortable, but I am sorry if I did. It is very painful to hear," he writes.

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