Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk, who got married last September, are going to live together in September 2019. The television producer explains that the couple wants to take it easy for their children.

"A divorce is terrible, even when it is the right decision for both parties," Falchuk says in an interview with WSJ Magazine . "It is especially difficult for children."

Both families will live under one roof in September. "Then we become the Brady Bunch." With this, the producer, writer and director refers to the sitcom of the same name, which revolves around a composite family. "It will be fantastic."

Falchuk works behind the scenes and is therefore not used to much media attention, something that is now the case due to his relationship with the famous actress. "There is a media version of her and me," says the American Horror Story writer. "But at home we just cook together. There is no more normal couple than us."

According to Falchuck, Paltrow does not let himself be fooled by all the attention in the gossip magazines. "She has thick skin. At the end of the day we crawl into bed together, and the rest of the world no longer matters."

Second marriage for Paltrow and Falchuk

For Paltrow (46) and Falchuk (48), who met in 2010, this is their second marriage. Falchuk was previously married to a co-producer and has two children from that marriage. Paltrow married Coldplay singer Chris Martin in 2003, with whom she has two children: daughter Apple and son Moses.

In 2014, Martin and Paltrow announced that they chose to "consciously disconnect". Two years later their divorce was official.