Nobody had been waiting for this story. And yet, in December 2017, millions of people read Cat Person as if they were thirsty, suddenly getting a bottle of water in their hands. Writer Kristen Roupenian wrote about getting to know each other in the age of Messengers and catastrophic sex. Margot, 20, meets Robert, 34. They write intense news, for weeks, live-ticking their lives to a stranger, until they already have inside jokes. The first date does not go so well from Margot's perspective. He is charmless, looks for a stupid movie, behaves funny. Nevertheless, she goes home with him. As he undresses, she finds his big belly and his awkward nature fading away. Nevertheless, she goes to bed with him. When he finally gets into her panting and as in porn "Yeah, yeah, I like it" says, she is shocked. Nevertheless, she does not break off. The only moment she feels like it is when she imagines how beautiful she looks from Robert's perspective and how he can heal herself from it.