Piet Paulusma says he is still talking with Omroep MAX about its own weather item. In RTL Boulevard the weatherman, who saw his contract with SBS not being renewed in February, says that there are "multiple offers".

"There is still talk with MAX," says the 62-year-old weatherman, who is presenting the weather at SBS until the end of this year.

"So that could be it. I don't know where we end up, but I do know that there is an offer." According to RTL Boulevard reporter Buddy Vedder, Paulusma said it is an online weather item.

In April, Omroep MAX boss Jan Slagter announced "still talking" with Paulusma about a possible role in the Time for MAX program .

'Can't change anything about SBS choice'

In the interview, the weatherman also says that he still has difficulty with the choice that SBS has made for him.

"I didn't kick, I didn't hit. It's the channel's choice that fits their policy and vision. I can't change anything about that."

Paulusma wants to continue working for the time being. "I cannot and do not want to retire yet. I will let it continue for a while."

Paulusma has left SBS since February

At the beginning of February it was announced that the contract of the 62-year-old weatherman at SBS was not extended. He was affiliated with SBS6 for 23 years. Production company Talpa wants to provide a different kind of weather forecast. RTL meteorologists Dennis Wilt and Amara Onwuka were hired for this.

Shortly thereafter, Slagter expressed his interest in connecting Paulusma to his channel.

"There are of course a lot of hooks and eyes," Slagter said at the time. "But the intention is to get out. Piet is a phenomenon, everyone knows him and loves him. And I think he would be very well at Omroep MAX."


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