What happened?

In the boarder town of El Paso , Texas, on Saturday morning, a 21-year-old man opened fire on visitors to a Walmart near the Cielo Vista Mall. He killed 20 people, 26 were injured. The perpetrator was arrested without resistance by the police.


In Dayton , Ohio, on the night of Sunday, a man shot and gun nine people in the Oregon District, the city's nightlife district, with a long gun. An estimated 16 people were injured in the attack. The rapid arrival of the police prevented "worse", the authorities said. The perpetrator was shot dead by the emergency services.

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What do we know about the victims?

The attack of El Paso is the hardest on the Latin American community in the US. At least three of those killed and six injured are Mexican nationals, the Mexican government confirmed. Many Mexicans live in the border town, many cross the border every day to work or shop in the US. Especially on the weekends El Paso is a popular shopping destination.

Nothing is known about the victims of the Dayton attack. It can be assumed that they were visitors to the clubs or restaurants near which the shots were fired.

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What is known about the perpetrators?

The gunman of El Paso is a 21-year-old white, according to media reports, he comes from the approximately 930 kilometers from the city of Allan north of Dallas. It is still unconfirmed whether a racist text, which was published on the Internet shortly before the crime, comes from the perpetrator. Called a "manifesto" by the police, the four-page document is titled The Inconvenient Truth . The author speaks of a " Hispanic invasion of Texas ." He also expressed solidarity with the assassin of Christchurch, who stormed two mosques and killed 51 believers on March 15, 2019. According to a New York Times report The New Zealand Times reported that the pamphlet had been published on Saturday at 10:20 am, 19 minutes before the first call for help was received by the police. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, had previously announced at a press conference that prosecution would focus not only on the charge of murder but also on hate crimes. This is understood in the US as an act that is directed against people of a certain origin, Hautf or sexual orientation.

Little is known about the perpetrator of Dayton and its possible motives. According to initial findings, it was a single perpetrator. The CNN reported, citing investigators, the shooter had worn a protective vest.

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What are the reactions to the acts?

Shortly after the massacre in El Paso, several hundred demonstrators marched in front of the White House and the Capitol in Washington DC to plead for a tightening of arms legislation. Democratic presidential candidate and ex-vice-president Joe Biden attacked the influential NRA armaments association: "That goes beyond anything we should tolerate, we can defeat the NRA." Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar said the association had stopped "reasonable laws that would have prevented deaths and killings." The Catholic bishops in the United States again called for stricter gun laws. "Things have to change," says Bishop FrankDewane, a joint statement by US Bishops' Conference President Cardinal Daniel DiNardo and social justice committee chairman.

US President Donald Trump was directly criticized after the attack by El Paso. His verbal attacks on migrants from Latin America created a climate of hate, he was accused of using in social networks. Trump has repeatedly labeled Mexicans "rapists and criminals." The Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke, who comes from El Paso, made the US president responsible for the act. "He's a racist and he's fueling racism in this country," O'Rourke said after visiting injured people in a hospital in El Paso.

The Walmart concern was shocked by the events. One prayed for the victims, it said in a Twitter message of the company. As early as July 30, there had been a deadly shoot-out in a Walmart store: in Southaven, Mississippi, a dismissed employee had killed two employees and injured a policeman. The fact that Walmart has become a crime scene for firearms could become a symbolic weapon in the debate on gun law, the Washington Post writes. The group is one of the largest arms dealers worldwide. Last year, referring to the "recent incidents", he had raised the minimum age for buyers from 18 to 21 years - Walmart apparently referred to the school massacre in Parkland, in which a 19-year-old shot 17 people.

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