Bibian Mentel, who recently discovered new tumors, has nevertheless chosen to continue doing as many fun things as possible. The former snowboard star tells Art in Wednesday that she finds it "a waste of her time to catch up".

In conversation with Art Rooijakkers and Katja Schuurman, Mentel tells us that she feels physically "pretty good". "As long as that lasts, I choose to continue to enjoy every day. In the end, nobody knows when life will end."

This choice is conscious, says Mentel. "I have a sweet man and three very sweet children. I want to do fun things with that and enjoy it as long as possible."

"We realize that this news is worse this time than other times," adds her husband Edwin Spee. "We are really worried. We told the children at the start of the holiday and said: it could well be that this year will be mommy's last Christmas."

Now that her cancer has returned for the eleventh time and more extensively than before, Mentel says "to be pushed to the facts". "We look: what is it really about, what are the priorities. My family and the love for each other are always at the top."

Snowboard star became champion six times

Mentel became Dutch snowboard champion six times in the half pipe and snowboard cross sections. After bone cancer was diagnosed with the risk of metastases in the blood, her leg was amputated.

In 2002 she became Dutch champion snowboard cross with a prosthesis. She won gold medals at both the 2014 Paralympic Games and 2018.

Earlier, Spee announced that Mentel will continue with the rehearsals for a new series of Dancing with the Stars . "We have dancing in the morning and irradiating in the afternoon, then she is really nauseous for the rest of the day. Then a rest day, and then dancing again," he explained.