During a press session at the White House, first lady Melania Trump spoke about ASAP Rocky. The rapper, who was arrested two weeks ago in Sweden and has been imprisoned there ever since, according to Trump, will return home soon.

"Foreign Affairs is busy with it right now and he is coming home soon," said the first lady.

The American president Donald Trump gave his wife his word, after he was repeatedly called by the African-American community about the fate of ASAP Rocky. According to the president he did not know the rapper, but his wife knew who the artist was and she was the one who pointed him to the case.

The president later announced on Twitter that he also received a call from rapper Kanye West.

Earlier on Friday, it was announced that the Swedish prosecutor had filed a request to keep ASAP Rocky in custody for longer. The rapper, actually called Rakim Mayers, is currently being held in Sweden after footage shows how to hit and kick a man.

Rapper was harassed by two boys

Thirty-year-old Mayers performed in Stockholm and were subsequently harassed by two boys along with his entourage on the street. The artist himself shared images of this on Instagram. It shows how one of the boys takes his own headphones and smashes them just outside the screen, according to Mayers on the head of the security guard.

Images that were later shared by other people show how the rapper grabbed the boy, threw it on the floor and, together with his entourage, kicked and hit the boy.

Two other men who can be seen in the images are also still being held in Sweden. Several well-known artists have expressed their opinion on the case and hope to release ASAP Rocky.