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You will take these books with you on vacation this summer


The holiday period is in full swing; for a large number of Dutch people reason to pack their bags, go to a distant country and perhaps open a book again. asks connoisseurs which books we should bring.

The holiday period is in full swing; for a large number of Dutch people reason to pack their bags, go to a distant country and perhaps open a book again. asks connoisseurs which books we should bring.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - The Woodstock generation , Loek Dekker (non-fiction)

For Leo van de Wetering of Bookstore Donner in Rotterdam, the ideal holiday book should offer scattering. "You can dream a little, and at the same time it is included if you are properly informed."

His choice, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - The Woodstock generation meets those criteria. "The thought of Woodstock stimulates all the senses and it inspires to put the music from those years on the turntable when they return home."

The book appears mid-July and is part of the Rock Classics series. " Four angry young men who stood each other to life musically, but precisely because of that they reached unprecedented heights in pop music," says Van de Wetering about the main characters. "Four characters, four musical personalities, whose paths crossed in an unforgettable way on the album Déjà Vu . Their debut performance at the legendary pop festival Woodstock - fifty years ago this summer - marked the band's rise to artistic starry."

"In this smoothly written and excellent documented monograph, we also read about the musical history of the pop group and about the start of the successful solo careers of the individual members. At the same time, author and historian Loek Dekker immerses us in an era that everyone sometimes agrees with ( back): both the baby boomer and (secretly) the hipster, and the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young has stood the test of time with glory - a wonderful book for the beach, in the forest and on the moor - but also for home. "

The Salt Path , Raynor Winn (non-fiction)

Fien van Dorp from Scheltema Bookstore in Amsterdam: "This is a frankly written book about travel and meaning; it deals with dealing with sorrow and loss, the healing effect of nature and special encounters. A rediscovery of the true meaning of life if you have lost almost everything. "

The main characters are Raynor Winn and her husband Moth, who have been together for more than thirty years. They have converted their old farm in Wales into a bed and breakfast, but then lose everything within a few days: they lose their house and are told that Moth is seriously ill.

Island in the haze. Romantic wanderings of Pieter Kikkert, the first hiker on Texel in 1791 , Lodewijk Dros (history)

Daphne ter Bals from Bookstore Douwes in The Hague: "In the early summer of 1791, Pieter Kikkert made a 45-kilometer walk around Texel, after a devastating storm had struck there. He was a romantic and with his good pen and his painter's eye described he nature in a surprising way. Writer and journalist Lodewijk Dros discovered his report and wrote this book about it. For nature lovers and romantics! "

Italy, my stories and recipes , Onno Kleyn (cookbook, travel guide)

Karin Hamersma from Kookboekwinkel Mrs Hamersma in Amsterdam: "Onno Kleyn is a master storyteller and a foodie. Moreover, he knows better than anyone what he is talking about. He has lived in Italy, knows the (culinary) history from experience and tells about it in 150 recipes that can be made by any enthusiast. The beautiful illustrations by Marly Hendricks also taste more. "

The unadulterated truth , Tess Sharpe (thriller)

Lisan Hoogendonk of Plukker Bookstore in Schagen: "After two chapters I was so thrilled by this thriller that I could no longer stop reading. It can best be described as a mix between Sons of Anarchy , Ozark and Breaking Bad , but then with a tough heroine with heart and conscience in the lead. "

"Duke McKenna is an unscrupulous murderer and no one has traded as many drugs and weapons as he does. But he has a weakness: his daughter Harley. He has taught her everything he knows and trained her to be unscrupulous and deadly. What Harley but what makes her father different is that she does have a conscience and will do everything to protect the people she loves.When she uses everything her father has taught her to turn against Duke, she sets a series of events in operation that cannot be stopped anymore. "

The explorer , Katherine Rundell (children's book)

Jessica Jongkind of Kiekeboek Children's Bookstore in Haarlem: "Four children survive a crash in the Amazon forest after the pilot died of a heart attack. But they are far away from civilization, and therefore from all help. The jungle is a ruthless, but at the same time They eat larvae and a tarantula, save a baby sloth, climb trees and build a raft, but their chances of salvation are getting smaller by the day, and then they find a map indicating a city. first in this place. With renewed hope they set out to find the lost city. This is an old-fashioned exciting adventure book for ten years and older to enjoy disappearing in. Also nice to read from the age of eight. "

Fatherland , Fernando Aramburu (fiction)

Lot Doutze from Bookshop Over the water in Amsterdam: "In a small village in the Basque Country, two families are close friends. Until the Basque separation movement ETA stirs in the village. A separation arises between the residents who support the ETA and those who try to be neutral One family becomes a victim of the terror group, one of the sons of the other has joined the group, and twenty years later, the families reconnect with each other in a family saga with changing perspectives and leaps in time. à la Jonathan Franzen unravel the lives of family members in modern-day Spain. A wonderfully thick, breath-taking book for vacation. "

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