The postal company Sandd has traced the postman who has recently buried many thousands of letters and magazines in the forests around Laren. The company says it is taking "appropriate measures" against the person and doing its utmost to get the mail items to the addressees.

Last week huge amounts of mail were found in the forest, buried in eight pits.

"We immediately transferred all mail for research to one of our sorting centers", confirms a spokeswoman for Sandd news coverage of NH News . The perpetrator soon emerged from that investigation.

The company cannot yet say what exactly will be done with the postman, but ensures that "appropriate measures" are taken.

"We greatly regret this," said the spokeswoman. "We have 18,000 people delivering mail and the application process for that position is very thorough. But we cannot prevent it from being someone who does not take it as closely as to work ethic."

All undamaged mail items are still sent. The mail damaged by the dumps is returned to the senders so that they are given the opportunity to resend it.