André Hazes has posthumously broken a record with his compilation album De Hazes 100 . The CD will be in the Album Top 100 for 331 weeks from this week, thereby breaking the record of Adele, who was in the list with her 21,330 weeks.

The Hazes 100 was released in September 2006, two years after the death of Hazes.

The album then remained in the Album Top 100 for 29 weeks and then returned to the list of best-selling CDs seventeen times.

Since April 4, 2015, the album has not disappeared from the list. Hazes has another album that has lasted a long time in the list, Already 15 Years Simply André . This CD was in 258 weeks.

Other albums that have been in the Album top 100 for some time are Buena Vista Social Club from the band of the same name (296 weeks), Brothers in Arms from the Dire Strais (269 weeks) and X from Ed Sheeran (264 weeks).

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