The National Opera (DNO) must answer for the judge because they no longer allow reviewer Olivier Keegel to write about their performances. DNA deprived the journalist of his press facilities after he wrote a critical piece for Het Parool .

In the article in question, the reviewer referred to the new DNO season as "a blow to the face of the traditional enthusiast". DNO said that this "exceeded the acceptable journalistic limit".

A spokesperson for DNO added that the reviewer is still welcome, but then has to pay for his own ticket and can therefore no longer be added to the press list.

Journalist Robert Vinkenborg then started a petition, which was signed by, among others, the Dutch Association for Journalists and various people from the music and media world. According to him, DNO does not want to receive the petition and refuses to provide any explanation.

DNO is called culturally barbaric

"Hundreds of petition signatories are bluntly ignored," says Vinkenborg. "That makes this gigantic institution behave like a culture-barbaric in my eyes."

DNO is therefore being taken to court, the appeal case is on 21 June. "I hope that the judge takes into account that a session could have been prevented. And that a heavily subsidized institution also has a responsibility towards society," Vinkenborg concludes. is awaiting a response from Dutch National Opera.