The Juli Vs Roca Rey: the old rooster defends his place and his place

One year and five days after the apotheosis julista and the pardon of the garcigrande Orgullito (April 16, 2018), not anecdotal but almost less next to the categorical Puerta del

One year and five days after the apotheosis julista and the pardon of the Garcigrande Orgullito (April 16, 2018), not anecdotal but almost less next to the categorical Puerta del Príncipe that crowned a pluperfect evening - two ears and two symbolic ears - , El Juli returns to Seville today to defend his place and his place . To defend it from whom? Is the Maestranza Juli's?

By order. Roca Rey comes packed, to the smell of the blood of the old rooster , encasquillado in the denied fate of Valencia and Castellón. Where the Peruvian millennium has crushed the big doors with insolent runaway, the insulting arrogance unleashed in the presence of the boss. Since then, Juli has been locked in the field, has burned all the cows that were left in his estate of El Freixo and has undertaken an obsessive preparation with the mind set on Resurrection. Only in the last five days has he been seen as Correcaminos by Andalucía, in the herds of Santi Domecq, Núñez del Cuvillo, Carlos Núñez or Cañaveral. And by lands of Salamanca, in his house of Garcigrande repeatedly or in the grounds of the Capea teacher.

The new rooster that pretends the corral has not stopped either but more moderately in the field. Conditioned his preparation, informs his people, by the bad weather, only two tentaderos have marked his intense daily physical training, including room bullfighting. Roca Rey, in the fullness of his 22 years, has plenty of vital trust, courage and place . In another meaning to the one of the site to which it really aspires: the site of El Juli. That follows in the machito at its 36 years, 21 of alternative.

The voracity of the Peruvian in this incipient fourth season as a complete killer threatens to leave the white shark biting in the bestial curriculum of El Juli in the Maestranza. That answers with data to the second question, still pending, why Sevilla is his place: 41 bullfights, 33 ears, 5 Prince's Doors and other 4 afternoons of two ears that placed him on the threshold argue.

Not only by the accumulated glory, but by the blood spilled on the Seville's albero, the history of the old rooster crushes the still brief service sheet of the new: 9 afternoons, 5 ears and a return to the ring . Of the three gorings of serious prognosis of Juli in the Baratillo arena, the most terrifying, for which she almost lost a leg and life, was that of 2013 against a bull from Victoriano del Río that devastated her right thigh.

Of Victoriano del Río are, precisely, the bulls of the present duel of Resurrection, the most precious date of Seville. The iron now favorite of RR. That Jara curdled in this same ring, in this same appointment a year ago, its slower and deeper task. Of those that give prestige among many and many of clamor.

By feeling and also by history -3 Puertas del Príncipe, a pardon (Arrojado, in 2011), 41 ears and 11 bulls doubly desorejados- more than at the time, José María Manzanares , adopted son of the fans, can not be invited only of stone in the opening of the season of the Maestranza. Always a source of inspiration for his bullfighting. The curtain is the most loaded season ticket of figures of recent times: among the three bullfighters of Resurrection add 12 performances, four per head. As with four Morante account. That will return in fair after a year of absence in April. His war is different, alien to today's.

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