Jennifer Hoffman and Henry van Loon have not been together since the end of 2017, but the 38-year-old De Luizenmother actress still finds her ex 'the funniest man on earth'. According to Hoffman, that was also the reason that they had a long-term and good relationship.

"I wish it had worked," says Hoffman in conversation with de Volkskrant .

"He made everything lighter, even household chores," she says about Van Loon, with whom she had been together for more than five years. He is now together with actress Jelka van Houten. "But in the end we didn't fit together so well. He is someone who gave me the wheel. That is nice, because whoever controls determines the direction."

The actress, who has been presenting the Van de Week current affairs program since last week, needs someone who also takes the lead. "I can sometimes get a bit too comfortable, fall into habits. Always go to the same restaurant and stuff. My friend has to push me out of that comfort."

Hoffman is now together with the half-French, half-American Dorian Geis. "I shouted to the universe a while before that I wanted a Viking, preferably a foreigner - the latter because I had a chat with someone who thought it was really cool to say that he did it with Jennifer Hoffman. Then you feel lonely. "

"Anyway, then suddenly that blond American giant was right in front of me. Just as I was preparing myself psychologically for dating apps."