The Bremer AFD state chairman and member of parliament Frank Magnitz has blamed radical left for the attack on him. "The attack bears the hallmark of left-wing extremists," said Magnitz the world . To a robbery it is "definitely not". Contrary to police findings, Magnitz, who left the hospital on Wednesday, continued to speak of an "assassination attempt."

Asked that the police see no evidence of attempted murder, said the 66-year-old, these are "legal quibbles". He was "attacked from behind" and could have "lost his life".

The Bremer AfD meanwhile relativized their presentation of the attack. She had first spoken of an "assassination attempt" and stated in a press release that Magnitz had been beaten unconscious with a "squared timber" and lying on the ground further with kicks against the head. Accordingly, the perpetrators only stopped when an artisan intervened.

Magnitz's deputy as AfD chief of state, Thomas Jürgewitz, told the newspapers of the spark media group, the term Kantholz had used one of the construction workers. "The man has not turned up yet," said Jürgewitz. Incidentally, he could "consciously recognize nothing wrong with the presentation in the press release".

No hit with an object

The Bremen prosecutor rejects this presentation meanwhile. The investigation has so far revealed that Magnitz was "jumped from behind" by one of three unknown men. Magnitz then fell to the ground and suffered a bleeding injury to the head. The police investigate because of dangerous bodily injury, the state protection because of a politically motivated act.

According to police and prosecutors there was no evaluation of the previously secured video footage, according to the preliminary investigation, no blow with an object. The attackers fled after the strike and the fall. Two craftsmen who loaded their car nearby, became aware of the lying on the ground Magnitz and called the rescue service.

Hamburg's AFD state chairman Bernd Baumann continued to claim in the SWR that during the attack on Magnitz, one of the perpetrators had used a "roof lath". A "witness" saw that, a "craftsman". This then also "helped to expel the perpetrators".

The special commission set up continued to call witnesses to the incident. The Bremen police released an information portal where photos and videos of the time of the crime can be uploaded from the area of ​​the action.