At least 150 companies active in Germany will participate in a major campaign from Tuesday to persuade German residents to get vaccinated.

These include large companies such as Shell, McDonald's, Burger King, Lidl, Mercedes-Benz and Vodafone.

For example, the companies are adapting their company slogans to convince Germans of the usefulness of vaccination.

The Berlin advertising agency Antoni came up with the idea of ​​using the company slogans in the vaccination campaign.

Initially, it was a small social media campaign.

It turned out to be extremely successful and at least 150 companies are already taking part.

Several well-known slogans have been transformed in the campaign into a call to get vaccinated.

At the coffee brand Nespresso, the slogan is temporarily no longer '

Nespresso, what else

', but '



what else?


The slogan of McDonald's now reads'

Impfen - ich liebe es

, "Vodafone speaks of"

Together we impf

'Shell Deutschland talks about'

Deutschland hat die Energy zum Impfen

'and chocolate manufacturer KitKat about'

Have a break, have a peaks by

(prod )'.

The campaign has a common headline #ZusammenGegenCorona", which is also used by the German government. The companies use their own slogans to promote vaccination under this hashtag on their social media channels. The future Chancellor Olaf Scholz describes the campaign as "an excellent sign of social responsibility and personal initiative".