In the run-up to Sinterklaas, consumers bought much more from online stores than last year, the Dutch Payments Association estimates based on payment data from the past week.

Online stores generated a fifth more turnover in the past seven days than the same week last year.

Compared to a normal week this year, online stores also performed much better in the week prior to Sinterklaas.

For example, there were 15 percent more transactions and turnover was also a fifth more than a normal week this year.

The Payments Association examined payment data from iDEAL brand owner Currence and PIN figures from transaction processor Wordline between Sunday 28 November, just after the Black Friday bargain fest, up to and including Saturday 4 December, the day before Pakjesavond.

This year, the Saturday before Sinterklaas was just as high as on Saturday 27 November, the day after the Black Friday bargain fest.

After Cyber ​​Monday, on Monday 29 November, Wednesday 1 December was the busiest day of the past week for webshops.

The number of debit card payments at retail registers in the Netherlands last week was comparable to 2020. In the shops, books, toys and hobby and sporting articles have been extra popular on average in recent days compared to other retail sectors.

The busiest time for debit card payments was around noon on Saturday 4 December.

At that time, there were pinning about 760 times per second.

In total, more than 2.5 billion euros worth of gifts were bought last week, almost comparable to last year.

Last year, the busiest debit card moment was later in the day.

New closing times for retailers have been in effect since Sunday 28 November.

They have to close the doors at 5 pm.