Corona self-tests are sold out in many stores and are also difficult to obtain online, umbrella organization Centraal Bureau Drogisterijbedrijven (CBD) reported Monday.

There were also shortages earlier this month.

The spokesperson says that the demand for tests is very high and still increasing.

"Up to now we have been able to fill it reasonably well, with local shortages occurring in the stores."

This could be due to a corona fire, for example, as a result of which more people want to test themselves than usual and the store stock is quickly running out.

These shortages are usually replenished within a few days.

However, people who want to buy another self-test need not worry, the organization says.

"The pipeline is well filled. The store stocks will be replenished this week," said a spokesperson.

Earlier this month, after a survey by, it turned out that shelves with self-tests were becoming empty due to the high demand for tests.

Drugstores also emphasized that the stock was large enough, but that the shelves simply could not be filled quickly enough.