The amount of online spending during Black Friday increased by 23 percent compared to last year.

Online shopping was also more frequent in the run-up to Friday.

Online payment company Klara reports this on Saturday.

The peak of the online Black Friday was at 9 p.m.

International Card Services (ICS), known for Visa and Mastercard, is meanwhile seeing a shift to purchases from foreign web shops.

On Friday night, Klara registered a 483 percent increase in online spending compared to a regular Friday night.

The so-called Black Week, or the run-up to Black Friday, was also popular.

Measured over the four days to Thursday, a 48 percent increase in spending was noted compared to last year.

The real Black Friday also got off to a brisk start.

In the first hour, the number of online spending was immediately nine times higher than on an average Friday.

Clothing, shoes, beauty products and electronics were most often purchased online on Black Friday.

According to the payment service, which works with 38,000 Dutch web shops, Black Friday is especially popular with the 25-40 age group.

The strongest growth comes from the group of 25 years and younger.

In Noord-Holland, the largest increase was recorded on Black Friday with a plus of 17 percent compared to an average Friday.

Consumers were also more fanatical in Utrecht and South Holland than elsewhere.

Average purchase amount was 86 euros

Transaction data ICS also shows on Saturday that consumers spent 5 percent more online on Black Friday than last year.

During Black Week, 10 percent more was spent.

According to ICS, the average purchase amount last week was 86 euros.

Dutch consumers who paid by credit card during Black Week also often shopped at foreign web shops.

Ultimately, only 34 percent of that group's online orders were placed with a webshop based in the Netherlands.

The number of purchases made by credit card in physical stores was also higher this year during Black Week.

Last week ICS recorded a 43 percent increase compared to last year and a 15 percent higher turnover.