The Netherlands is one of the countries in the picture as a location for the new car factory of the new American brand Rivian, which will build electric pick-up trucks, all-terrain vehicles and delivery vans.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate confirmed this on Thursday after reporting by

Het Financieele Dagblad


The United Kingdom and Germany would also be in the race for the new Rivian factory.

In 2019, Germany got hold of the so-called Tesla Gigafactory, which is due to be started this year.

"We would of course like to see Rivian come to the Netherlands. The cabinet is committed to this, as it is to attracting other foreign investments in our country. We cannot comment on the nature and content of these contacts in connection with their confidentiality. ", the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate says in a response to

Rivian was founded in 2009 and has been working for several years on a fully electric pickup truck and an SUV, the R1T and the R1S respectively.

Production of the pick-up started last month, but is not yet running at full speed.

Rivian has already received 48,000 orders for its models.

In addition, internet giant Amazon has ordered another 100,000 electric commercial vehicles from Rivian.

Amazon is a major shareholder in Rivian with a 20 percent stake.

Ford has also invested many hundreds of millions of dollars in the new brand in recent years and has therefore acquired a 12 percent share.

Rivian is considered one of the most promising new car manufacturers in the world.

The brand went public earlier this month and now has a market value that is greater than that of manufacturers such as BMW, General Motors and Ford and only a fraction below that of Mercedes parent company Daimler.