On Friday, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and outgoing Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) will most likely announce new corona measures.

Many Dutch people err on the side of caution and try to quickly plan a haircut or make a table reservation.

In the meantime, it is raining cancellations at beauticians.

"The number of cancellations is currently increasing very quickly," says Mayke Blokland of Anbos, the trade association and representative of qualified beauticians.

"It can just happen that salons that had ten appointments, only have two left. You see this especially in regions where the number of infections is very high."

Collaboration Responsible Sunning, the trade association for tanning salons, has not noticed much panic among consumers for the time being.

According to chairman Huib van Heest, customers and studios seem to assume that artificial sunbathing will also be possible in the near future.

"We can easily facilitate a visit, even under strict corona rules. After all, you are alone in a closed cabin. We also provide more than sufficient ventilation."

The tanning salons have had to deal with an early closing time since earlier this month, so that it was quieter in the evenings anyway, says Van Heest.

ANKO, the trade association for hairdressers, sees a gloomy outlook for the sector.

"Measures - again in the weeks that are so important to us towards the December period - are another blow to the hairdressers."

The hijackers are now experiencing peak pressures, according to a tour of

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Table reservations are increasing, the number of cancellations even faster

In the meantime, the providers of reservation systems are bracing for the new measures that restaurants may have on their plates.

The experience of Resengo and Heerlijk.nl is that the systems often have to process a lot of traffic around the announcement of new measures.

At Resengo, they saw the number of last minute reservations increase by 25 percent earlier on Thursday compared to a week ago.

On the other hand, the number of cancellations has doubled.

Not only compared to the period before November 12, the date of the most recent press conference, but also compared to last year.

Resengo also sees that the sale of dinner vouchers has taken off enormously.

The restaurants themselves seem to be pre-sorting for closure, because there is a lot of demand for the so-called takeout tool that entrepreneurs can use via Resengo.

Finally, the company sees an increase in the number of requests for appointment shopping.

To this end, Resengo works together with a number of well-known chains for home furnishings.

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KHN sees major concerns within the industry

According to the spokesperson for Delicious.nl, the number of reservations is still increasing: this week there are again more than the week before.

During the weekends, restaurants still performed well in the past period.

During the week, especially restaurants at the top of the market have had a hard time, according to the spokesperson for the online platform.

However, the number of cancellations is increasing, so that a downward trend is still visible.

It is mainly the people who had reserved a while ago who are now canceling.

Larger business groups canceled some time ago, according to Heerlijk.nl.

The smaller offices are now added to this.

According to Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), these are recognizable sounds.

"Due to the unrest surrounding the rising corona figures, quite a few company parties and Christmas drinks have now been cancelled. The concerns within the industry are great."