The electricity grid is at its maximum capacity in various places in Gelderland, grid operator Liander reported on Thursday.

No new large-scale consumers can be connected in Berg en Dal, Duiven, Aalten and Anklaar.

In Aalten and Anklaar, it is no longer possible to supply electricity back, for example, generated by solar panels or wind turbines, just like in Nijkerk.

Bottlenecks have also arisen in other places in the country, such as in Heerenveen and Alphen aan den Rijn.

The grid is also full in the Frisian Stiens and Zuiderveld in Flevoland, but the grid operator is still examining whether so-called congestion management is a possibility.

Large-scale electricity users, such as companies, are asked to purchase less electricity against payment at busy times.

In recent months, network operators have regularly indicated that the network is filling up in places.

This was previously the case in cities such as Utrecht, Leeuwarden and Zaandam.

There are all kinds of plans to expand the capacity, but that requires a lot of money.

The implementation also takes time, partly due to the application for permits.

This year, Liander is investing 900 million euros in the expansion of the grid, while TenneT has already set aside 180 million euros for this.

In addition, the network operators have been struggling for some time to find technical personnel to carry out the work.