Last summer's floods in Limburg and parts of Belgium and Germany cost German insurer Allianz around 400 million euros in claims, the company reported when it released its third-quarter figures.

The high water in Limburg and parts of Belgium and Germany in July caused major damage to houses and other buildings.

Also in Germany and Belgium many people died in the floods as a result of heavy rainfall.

The total damage from the flood is in the billions.

Dutch insurers have previously estimated the total damage at hundreds of millions of euros.

Nearly 13,000 damage reports were received.

They did point out that major natural disasters, such as a flooding of the Meuse, are not insurable.

The damage can then become so severe that an insurer can succumb to the costs.

The Dutch Association of Insurers is discussing this with the government.

Allianz did manage to increase net profit.

In the third quarter, it rose by 2.3 percent compared to a year earlier, when the company was suffering from the corona crisis, and came to 2.1 billion euros.

According to Allianz, growth was seen in all business units.

The insurer is positive about expectations for the whole of this year.