Meal delivery service is testing the concept in Amsterdam of delivering a meal using a drone, instead of the well-known bicycle or scooter.

The sample meal is flown over the IJ from a restaurant to the other side, where the head office of the parent company of Thuisbezorgd is located.

The trial is being held in collaboration with the Dutch Drone Delta.

One of the goals of testing the drone delivery concept is to see whether it contributes to the quality of life in a city.

"Which is getting busier with the increase in traffic of people and goods," according to the initiators.

The route taken by the drone in the test is one kilometer as the crow flies.

The initiators want to gauge how passers-by and local residents experience such a drone flight with a meal underneath.

"What are the effects of the physical living environment and what is the added value of this form of delivery", are questions that must be answered.

The pilot should provide insight into whether delivering meals with a drone is socially and economically feasible.

The Dutch Drone Delta, to which aviation companies, but also NS and the ANWB are affiliated, is not only experimenting with meal delivery by drone.

"We are also looking at drones that deliver medicines, resupply ships or inspect ports."

Around the meal drone flight over the IJ, tests and measurements are carried out throughout the day and passers-by are also asked what they think.