The law firm Pels Rijcken, which assists the government, among other things, will stop with its notarial practice and will only focus on the legal profession.

That decision follows in the aftermath of a fraud of millions by former chairman and civil-law notary Frank Oranje, the company said on Wednesday.

The fraud came to light in September last year.

Orange would have funneled money into private accounts for years through all sorts of detours.

These were accounts containing money that had been held by notaries at the office, but was intended for someone else.

Orange is said to have forged documents, among other things, to make these transfers seem in order.

He passed away in November last year.

"Although the fraud was committed by one notary without other officemates being involved, the fact is that fraud could have been committed for more than eighteen years and no alarm bells went off at our office," the office said in a statement.

"The fact that he was also chairman of the board makes the matter extra painful."

That is why Pels Rijcken also puts together a supervisory board (SB) that consists solely of external persons.

The supervisory board oversees the activities of the board.

It is not yet clear when that council will come, but the office is busy recruiting the supervisory directors.

Outgoing minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) has already said that he will personally deal with the composition of the council.

He also wants to be kept informed by the supervisory directors.