Chinese tech billionaire Jack Ma was recently in the Netherlands, reports the Chinese newspaper

South China Morning Post


Various photos of the founder of Alibaba are also circulating on Twitter, showing that he has been to the Westland.

The billionaire is said to have visited various companies and research institutions in the Netherlands.

According to the Chinese daily, Ma has been to our country because he is interested in agricultural technology.

57-year-old Ma is said to be particularly interested in knowledge about technology and agriculture in Europe.

In the Netherlands, he is said to have visited BOAL Group, among others.

This company specializes in aluminum roof systems for greenhouse horticulture.

The company will not confirm Ma's arrival when asked.

Ma would see "great opportunities" for the modernization of the agricultural sector if knowledge about agriculture from Europe were combined with technology from Alibaba, the paper said.

Ma became very wealthy with Alibaba, which also includes online store AliExpress.

He got into trouble with the Chinese government last year.

In the fall of 2020, he disappeared from the radar for months, with speculation about an arrest by the Chinese authorities.

Beijing officials have recently stepped up their controls on major tech companies, causing an IPO of Alibaba's financial division to cancel at the last minute last year.

It should have been the largest IPO of all time.

In addition, regulators opened a cartel investigation into Alibaba.