The shortage of nurses and carers in the UK has worsened significantly as a result of Brexit.

Disabled people who need help with everyday tasks, in particular, struggle to find suitable carers, the British Sunday

newspaper The Observer


on the basis of a report.

"Normally we recruit more than 100 nurses a year. Now only half. The situation has deteriorated dramatically since July," says Peter Henry of Origin, an organization that takes care of people with spinal disorders.

Henry attributes this to the end of the application period for the so-called Settlement Scheme.

The scheme aims to give EU citizens who already lived in the country before Brexit, largely the same rights as before.

Otherwise, EU workers will not be able to work in the UK without a visa after Brexit.

This must be ratified by an employer.

According to the organizations, many of the carers who work with disabled people come from abroad.

In the meantime, they regularly have to reject applications, according to Peter Henry.

British applicants cannot compensate for the lack of European workers.

Several organizations called on the British government months ago to introduce more lenient immigration rules for the sector.

The government has so far refused to do so.

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