Interpolis, the largest non-life insurer in the Netherlands, received 241 claims up to 12.30 pm on Thursday as a result of the storm that mainly ravaged the south of our country during the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

Most reports came from the municipalities of Barendrecht, Hulst and Terneuzen, Interpolis reports to

This mainly concerns damage to houses.

80 percent of the reports concern damage to homes, the rest concern cars.

Most reports are of branches blown from trees causing damage, blown down fences and roof tiles falling from houses.

Most reports came from the provinces of North Brabant and South Holland.

In terms of municipalities, Barendrecht stood out in particular, but there were also many reports in Hulst and Terneuzen, says Interpolis.

Barendrecht in South Holland also suffered the most damage.

A short-lived tornado wreaked havoc in that community.

According to the security region, four people were injured, one of whom was taken to hospital.

In a large number of places in the Netherlands, traffic was affected by the strong wind and rain.

Due to the wind, the right lane of the A29 (Rotterdam-Bergen op Zoom) was closed.

The KNMI has issued code yellow for the coastal provinces.

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