The supply and export of coal in the port of Rotterdam has grown considerably this year.

This is due to an increasing demand for energy while gas is expensive and scarce.

More oil has also been processed.

This is apparent from figures from port manager Port of Rotterdam on Tuesday.

In the first nine months of this year, the port of Rotterdam processed more than 17 million tons of coal.

That was almost one and a half times as much as in the same period last year.

This is partly because more coal has been used for energy production.

The demand for energy is increasing, while alternatives to coal were less available or very expensive.

As a result, coal-fired power stations have been running more hours.

More coal has also been used for steel production.

Another fossil fuel, oil, is also more imported and exported in Rotterdam.

In the first nine months of this year, more than 74 million tons of crude oil and more than 48 million tons of oil products were processed.

That is respectively 4.3 and 13.5 percent more than in the first nine months of last year.

In Rotterdam, 350 million tons of all types of goods together were processed in the first nine months of this year.

That is 8.6 percent more than in the same period last year.

In addition to oil and coal, more containers were also delivered and removed.

Furthermore, the amount of biomass and iron ore increased.

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