VDL is still experiencing problems from the cyber attack that hit the industrial group last week.

More and more parts can expand production again, but the company is still not operating at full capacity, according to a spokesperson.

Due to the cyber attack at VDL, all online systems were disabled, as a result of which, for example, car factory VDL NedCar was unable to assemble cars for a while.

Many production processes are highly digitized.

Last Wednesday, production at that car assembly line in Born, Limburg, started again.

Other operating companies can also do more after they have set up a "digitally safe environment".

It is difficult to predict how long it will take for the company to return to full power, according to the company.

The Eindhoven company is not yet making any announcements about the nature of the cyber attack, including whether it concerns ransomware.

Experts say that probably.

Cyber ​​criminals use a security vulnerability to get into companies' computer systems, encrypt components and only release them after payment of a ransom.

VDL consists of 105 operating companies, which make city buses or automated systems for livestock farmers, for example.

Last year the company had a turnover of 4.7 billion euros.

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