Gas consumption in Russia is unprecedented this year and 'breaks all records'.

Energy Minister Alexander Novak told this on Saturday in conversation with Russian media.

Moscow nevertheless says that the country will not break its promise to European countries and additional gas can be supplied if the request is made.

With that message, Novak seems to want to reassure western countries, where gas prices have risen by more than 800 percent since this year.

The increase was caused by the corona pandemic.

There was more demand for gas, because many more people worked from home and therefore used more electricity, which is generated by gas plants.

Consumption also increased in the past severe winter.

Now that the industries are also starting up again, the demand is only increasing.

That while there is a lack of supply.

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Russia has already delivered almost a record amount of gas to Europe

Russia is Europe's main gas supplier.

This year, almost a record amount of gas has already been delivered,




Before new, large quantities can be delivered, the Russian reserves must first be replenished.

That process should be completed by the end of October.

Russia is also still hoping for approval from Europe to commission the new and controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Via this supply route, which runs through the Baltic Sea, Russia could supply extra gas to Western countries.


Why Russia's Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Concerns Europe

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