Several elderly people feel discriminated against by banks.

They are annoyed that they are allowed less overdraft and can only get a credit-free credit card.

This is reported by seniors' organization KBO-PCOB.

The organization has now received 250 reports of financial age discrimination at the Te Gray For Red hotline.

The fact that seniors do not receive a credit card with credit sometimes means that they can suddenly no longer take out subscriptions, for example.

Expensive repairs to houses that require a loan would also be out of reach of the elderly.

According to KBO-PCOB, banks and credit card providers do not realize that many of their services are important in the daily lives of customers.

"If a bank just stops or reverses something, it has immediate consequences for these people."

Banks invoke their duty of care, which according to them means that they must, among other things, prevent people from getting into debt.

But according to a spokesperson for the elderly organization, "the financial duty of care must never lead to age discrimination. It must be a weighting of the financial position of the senior and his financial resilience", according to the organization, which wants to raise the issue in politics.

The Dutch Banking Association (NVB) says in a response that it is not about age discrimination.

According to the association, different conditions apply to older people than to young people, "to protect them against excessive credit".

For loans such as mortgages, overdrafts and credit cards, banks test someone's financial circumstances.

"These can change significantly as you get older, for example after you retire," explains a spokesperson for the banking association.

"Life expectancy also plays a role with loans. If you are older, you can repay less than a younger person."

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