In a number of places in the Frisian cities of Leeuwarden and Heerenveen, the high-voltage grid is full and power can no longer be returned to the grid.

There are also problems in Harderwijk in Gelderland and Zaandam in North Holland, reports grid operator Liander.

TenneT previously reported similar problems in Utrecht.

In some places in Leeuwarden and Heerenveen, it is not possible to install new connections for solar panels, heat pumps or other sustainable energy, because that power can no longer be returned to the overcrowded electricity grid.

In Leeuwarden, however, there is another problem.

As in Harderwijk and Zaandam, it is not possible to connect new large-scale consumption installations for companies in a number of places.

Existing connections cannot be expanded either.

Companies that are affected by this are advised to contact Liander, who will then keep the company informed of the developments.

The electricity grid is filling up in more and more places.

On Tuesday, grid operator TenneT informed regulator ACM that there is no longer any room on the electricity grid in Utrecht for new solar or wind parks.

According to Liander, this is due to the increasing demand for electricity and the rapid rise of solar and wind energy.

This year, Liander is investing 900 million euros in the expansion of the grid, while TenneT has already set aside 180 million euros for this.

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