Car manufacturer Rolls-Royce regularly presents luxury products for the home or car.

The latest addition to the range is a luxury whiskey and cigar box.

The Dutch price was set at 46,958 euros last week, excluding VAT.

This brings the amount below the line to 56,819 euros.

The box is the size of a small trolley case and has storage spaces on both sides.

On one side is a bottle holder, on the other side a small humidor, complete with hygrometer.

You get a cigar cutter and lighter from the luxury brand ST Dupont for free.

The same goes for special whiskey glasses and an ashtray.

The whiskey and cigar box is made of aluminum and covered with leather.

That is of course the same leather that Rolls-Royce applies to its cars, which, like the box, are very expensive.

In the Netherlands you will lose at least 392,000 euros for a copy of the brand.

If the color scheme or layout of the storage cassette is not to your liking, you can have it put together according to your own taste for a fee.

The additional costs have not been disclosed.

The Dutch point of sale is the Rolls-Royce importer Cito Motors in Eindhoven.