TUI picked up the last Dutch holidaymakers from La Palma last weekend.

There were still about 150 compatriots on the Canary Island, a spokesperson for the travel organization said when asked.

The volcano on the island has been very active since last weekend.

Initially, as a result of this, several dozen Dutch people who were there on holiday had to leave their hotel in haste.

The rest of the holidaymakers could stay in their hotels on the other side of the island.

A flight to the island also had to be canceled during the previous week due to ash in the air spewed by the volcano.

The eighty Dutch people who would be on that flight were picked up a day later.

"We told the other holidaymakers last Friday that we were going to take them home," said the spokesperson.

They were first transported to Tenerife by ferry and flew back from there.

TUI usually combines flights to La Palma and Tenerife, but now found it too risky to fly directly to La Palma due to the volcanic eruption.

In any case, TUI will no longer carry out trips to La Palma until 5 October.

"By that time we will review the situation again. You don't want to get in the way of the emergency services now either."

People who would go to the Canary Island can rebook their holiday.

Sunweb previously had about twenty travelers via its subsidiary Eliza was here on the island, but they have already returned.

"From November we will offer travel to La Palma via Sunweb", the spokesperson now expects.