A total of 300,000 cars will come off the production line at the Tesla plant in Shanghai during the first nine months of this year.

That's what two insiders say to

Reuters on



This puts the American electric car manufacturer on track to close the year with a production number approaching one million vehicles.

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According to the same sources, production in Shanghai could have been higher in the past nine months, but the worldwide chip shortage threw a spanner in the works.

Tesla currently has two manufacturing centers: one in Fremont, California, the other in Shanghai.

In Fremont, production of the modified Model S and Model X started in the first quarter.

100,000 of these can be built on an annual basis.

The production line for the Model 3 and Model Y has a capacity of 500,000 units.

Since there could potentially still be 100,000 cars in China in the last quarter of this year, the magical limit of one million units comes into play.

Tesla ended 2020 with a production of almost 510,000 units.

The number of deliveries amounted to 499,550 units.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk emailed his employees earlier this month to "do everything possible" to ensure enough cars can be delivered this quarter.


has a large number of models that are still not completely finished due to chip shortages earlier in the quarter

, according to the e-mail that


has seen.

As a result, the company must do everything it can to enable "an unprecedented wave of deliveries" by the end of this quarter.

"This is the biggest wave in Tesla history, but we have to get it done," Musk said.