The Italian government is allocating more than 3 billion euros so that households can continue to pay their energy bills.

Without government intervention, consumers would be 40 percent more expensive for gas and electricity.

To prevent this, the Italian government has introduced a package of measures.

One of those measures is, for example, a lower VAT on energy.

The measures will apply for the last quarter of this year, when the winter months arrive and there will therefore be a lot more heating.

The Italian economy is in the process of recovery, but like other European countries, it is suffering from rising gas and electricity prices.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said earlier on Thursday that he expected economic growth of 6 percent and also promised not to raise taxes.

"We don't know yet whether this recovery is permanent," Draghi said in a meeting with businessmen.

The Italian government is expected to release new economic forecasts next week.

Italy could be hit hard by rising energy prices.

The country is more than 70 percent dependent on imported energy.

According to government data, 40 percent of that is gas.

Italy is the second largest importer of gas in Europe, after the frontrunner Germany.