Wakker Dier has named the Keurslager the biggest Liegebeest of 2021. That is an 'award' from the animal rights organization for companies that, in its view, come up with misleading claims about animal welfare.

"The Association of Keurslagers makes various claims on its website in the field of animal welfare, such as 'suppliers have an eye for animal welfare' and 'high quality requirements'. But the association does not impose any animal welfare requirements at all on the range of the affiliated butchers," says Wakker Dier. .

Joep Klaver, director of the Association of Keurslagers, "absolutely distances himself" from the title.

"Wakker Dier suggests that Keurslagers pay no attention to animal welfare, which is absolutely incorrect," says Klaver in a response.

He points out that the association consists of independent entrepreneurs "who purchase their raw materials and meat concepts locally with care and attention with a distinctive high standard in various aspects, including sustainability and animal welfare".

According to the director, Wakker Dier wants Keurslagers to comply with a national standard for animal welfare.

"But there are local farmers who say: I do not want to be certified for a Beter Leven quality mark, because I want to distinguish myself from the supermarket. That is where the difference of opinion lies. There is nothing wrong with this, but Wakker Dier apparently thinks this deserves the title Liegebeest", says Klaver.

Wakker Dier has been organizing Liegebeest election for thirteen years

Besides the Keurslager, two other candidates had a chance to win the title.

"The PlanetProof dairy label claims that it sets strict requirements for animal welfare and animal health. But those requirements are of little value."

The Dutch chicken sector also lied in the eyes of Wakker Dier, by talking about "optimal welfare" of broiler chickens in an advertising campaign subsidized with tax money.

Wakker Dier withdrew a nomination from Olvarit.

The brand uses roast turkey in baby food, but is switching to turkey with better health.

The nomination of the meat brand Meatlovers was also dropped after it promised to adjust the misleading claims about stress-free calves.

Wakker Dier has been organizing the Liegebeest election for thirteen years now.

This year 17,000 people voted.